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Imagine being able to engage fans that are unable to attend your sporting events and expose them to all your student-athletes have to offer.

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Perhaps a friend or family member resides out of the area and wishes to watch a loved one take the field of play. A college recruiter or professional scout is searching for the next great addition to their organization. Or a coach is looking to review game film — Fanvuu opens the door to a wide range of live stream and video recorded opportunities.

At no cost to you or the school, Fanvuu can help you achieve your goals by providing live streaming for any and all events.

In addition, our video on demand feature allows parents, players, coaches or scouts to watch clips, highlights or full game packages at their earliest convenience.

Think of the additional exposure your programs will gain: from increased audience viewership to sponsorship opportunities. The possibilities for achievement multiply with Fanvuu. Contact us now to explore all that Fanvuu can provide.